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When you should go for IVF treatment?

Many people believe that if you can’t conceive naturally, IVF is the best option. This is a fabrication. According to the Best fertility & IVF specialist In Greater Noida, only around 5% of infertile couples will undergo IVF.

People in need of IVF often fall into one of two categories:

Those for whom IVF is their only biological kid option

Those who haven’t had luck with less advanced therapies

Will IVF be required? What if you don’t want to go through IVF?

When Should IVF Be Used First?

In certain cases, IVF is your only choice for conceiving a biological child.

  • If both fallopian tubes are obstructed, IVF is your sole choice for a biological kid with severe tubal illness.
  • Your fallopian tubes are the tubes that link your ovaries and uterus. You can’t get pregnant if an egg ovulated from your ovaries can’t reach the uterus and sperm can’t reach the egg.
  • In certain cases, surgical fallopian tube repair might eliminate the requirement for IVF. However, success rates vary widely, and for most women with severe tubal illness, it is not a viable choice.
  • IUI with a sperm donor or IVF with ICSI may be your sole choice for biological children if you have severe male infertility. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a technique for injecting sperm into the cytoplasm of Basic IVF involves putting sperm cells and an egg into a petri dish. One of the sperm cells should fertilize the egg eventually.
  • IVF-ICSI involves injecting a single sperm directly into an egg. In situations of severe sperm motility (movement) or morphological difficulties, IVF-ICSI may be required (sperm shape.) If the sperm count is extremely low, it may be necessary.
  • Azoospermia occurs when a man’s sperm count is zero. Thanks to IVF-ICSI, some of these guys can still have biological children. 2 Biopsies of immature sperm cells from the testes are possible. After that, the sperm cells are allowed to develop in the laboratory. Because these sperm cells can’t fertilize an egg on their own, conception requires IVF with ICSI.
  • IVF may be your best or only choice if you and your spouse are at high risk of passing on a fatal genetic condition. 1 This may also be true for couples who have had many miscarriages owing to genetic issues. In this instance, IVF with PGS or PGD would be required.
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is referred to as PGD. When an embryo is checked for a certain ailment, this is done. Preimplantation genetic screening is referred to as PGS. This is when an embryo’s chromosomal numbers are examined for normal. This test is deemed experimental since it is not as reliable as PGD.
  • If you have frozen eggs, ovarian tissue, or embryos, you’ll require IVF to conceive with that cryopreserved tissue. Frozen sperm cells can be utilized in an IUI treatment, eliminating the need for IVF. If there are only a few retained sperm cells, IVF may be a preferable option because of the higher success rates.
  • When to utilize cryopreserved eggs: Cancer is no longer the main cause of freezing eggs. While it is still unusual, some women freeze their eggs while they are young to avoid age-related infertility. You will require IVF treatment to conceive if you store your eggs and wish to utilize them to get pregnant later.
  • When a gestational carrier is necessary: If a woman’s uterus is gone, either because she was born without it or because it was removed for medical reasons, she will be unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy. She could be able to conceive via a gestational carrier.
  • With the support of a gestational carrier, the woman may be able to bear a biological kid if she has her ovaries, cryopreserved eggs, or ovarian tissue. If not, an egg donor and the biological father’s sperm cells may be utilized. IVF is required for all of these.
  • If there are serious uterine factor infertility concerns that cannot be corrected medically, finding a gestational carrier may be necessary. A homosexual male couple that wishes to have a biological kid may also need IVF therapy and a gestational carrier.
  • (IVF may theoretically be avoided by utilizing the gestational carrier’s eggs and artificial insemination with the biological father’s sperm or sperm from a sperm donor.) However, this might lead to legal issues and make the gestational carrier’s life more challenging psychologically. This is why IVF with an egg donor, the biological mother’s eggs, or an embryo donor is more prevalent.)

IVF is used by a limited number of infertile couples (less than 5%). There are a variety of reasons why people who require IVF therapy may be unable or unwilling to pursue it. If you want to undertake IVF but are worried about the expense, and Process then consult Ivf Doctor In Greater Noida, Dr. Ramya Mishra Shukla.