The natural ability to conceive a child is known as fertility. Fertility is not something that anyone is naturally gifted with. After one year of risky sexual activity, about 11% of couples will experience infertility, or the inability to reproduce naturally. Fertility is a problem that affects men and women equally. Infertility affects both men and women, and both may increase their fertility.

Signs and Causes

Erratic menstrual periods

Menstrual cramps and abnormally light or heavy bleeding

Periods that are unusually high or bleeding abnormally

Pressure in the pelvis or after sexual activity

You have some influence over some of the conditions that may reduce your fertility. Alcohol, for example, lowers fertility in both men and women, so it’s a good idea to stop (for this and, of course, many other reasons). Other factors that contribute to decreased fertility, such as age-related regression, are beyond your influence.


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IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) – In this process, the male’s stable and purified sperm is specifically implanted into the uterus at a time when the female is ovulating.

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) – This process involves taking the female’s eggs and the male’s sperm and fertilizing them outside of the body. Donor eggs and sperm will be used if the egg or sperm content is poor. After that, the fertilized egg is implanted in the female uterus. She has received training in infertility therapies such as IUI and IVF. The care for a fertility condition at Global IVF Clinic begins with a discussion with the pair about their infertility and possible solutions. Dr. Ramya then takes both husband and wife’s medical and family histories to see if there are any generational problems at play. The cost of infertility therapy is determined by the root factors.