LAH (laser-assisted hatching) is a cutting-edge technique used in conjunction with IVF to boost the success rate of embryo implantation. If IVF fails for unclear reasons, aided hatching is used in combination with IVF to make the embryo bind to the woman’s womb.

When Can LAH Be Used?

If you’re having IVF, that doesn’t always mean you’ll have LAH. LAH, according to experts, can help some couples conceive successfully. Your fertility specialist will decide whether LAH will support you after reviewing all of your medical records and infertility history.

Assisted hatching can boost the pregnancy rate in the following circumstances.

  • If you’ve had two or three IVF cycles that haven’t worked out.
  • If your FSH levels are high.
  • The embryo isn’t of decent quality.
  • Pregnancy problems that aren’t explained

Eggs from older women appear to have a dense zona pellucida or outer shell. Women with high levels of the follicle-stimulating hormone have the same problem . The egg will not hatch and will not attach to the womb in this situation. Many of these infertility problems will benefit from assisted hatching.

Is there a connection between LAH and IVF success?

The use of a laser to help in the hatching process improves the likelihood of successful implantation and pregnancy. If you’ve had unsuccessful IVF attempts, aided hatching might be a viable option. To make the best decision, talk to your fertility & IVF specialist Dr. Ramya Mishra Shukla  at Global IVF Clinic.