Contraceptive Solutions

Contraception refers to a method of birth control that is used to discourage conception. Barrier contraception or oral contraception are also options. Barrier strategies stop sperm from touching the egg of the female. Ovulation is prevented by hormonal contraception. Contraception aims to prevent this by implementing the following strategies:

  • Separating the sperm and egg
  • Egg production is being halted.
  • Preventing the sperm and egg (fertilized egg) combination from sticking to the womb lining

Where do I get Contraceptive Solutions?

Free and discreet contraceptive facilities are available. This provides programs for those under the age of 16, as long as they’re old enough to comprehend the facts and make informed choices. Many places offer free contraception:

  • ¬†Consultations of doctors
  • Contraception clinics for the general public
  • Clinics dedicated to sexual wellbeing

Consult Global IVF Clinic for Best Contraceptive Solutions

Aside from surgical contraception, surgical procedures may also be used to avoid conception. These are taken into consideration in the long run. These strategies are typically used when a family is full or when a couple wishes to leave a void in their next child’s life. Both males and females will purchase these. A urologist may conduct vasectomy surgery for men, while Dr. Ramya performs tubal ligation surgery for women. The procedure is performed laparoscopically and entails the closure of the fallopian tubes to prevent the eggs from reaching the uterus and being fertilized by sperm. This is often referred to as a long-term contraceptive.