10 Benefits of IVF Treatment

10 Benefits of IVF Treatment

In the field of infertility, IVF (In vitro fertilization) is often referred to as “the final resort”. According to Best IVF Centre in Greater Noida, Here are ten ways in which IVF will vastly improve a couple’s odds of a successful pregnancy and childbirth.

#1 When other infertility therapies have failed, IVF will improve

Until arriving at the IVF “station,” patients may undergo a variety of fertility treatments, including fertility drugs, intrauterine insemination, and so on. Certain infertility diagnoses, on the other hand, will encourage the doctor to prescribe IVF straight away so you don’t spend time and resources on fertility medications that aren’t going to function.

#2 Anyone will make use of it. In-vitro fertilization isn't just for the baby's mother

It may also be used by surrogates or gestational carriers, allowing a wider variety of individuals to become parents and share in the conception and labor process. To list a few, which encompasses same-sex partners, women who are biologically unable to bear a baby to term, and single women.

#3 Donated eggs and/or sperm may be used

A fertility specialist may consider using donated eggs and/or sperm in some cases. In both cases, the egg can be manually fertilized in the laboratory, and the resulting viable embryo can be used for IVF, increasing the odds of becoming pregnant on the first or second try.

#4 You have complete leverage over the pacing

IVF helps patients who are concentrating on their jobs or who have a special life condition that impacts when they choose their baby to be born by giving them more total flexibility.

#5 Boost the odds of giving birth to a healthy child

Genetic testing is a valuable tool for ensuring that your baby is born well. You will guarantee that the fetuses used in IVF are free of identified genetic markers by using genetic screening, also known as preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). PGT minimises the risk of getting a miscarriage.

#6 Helpful in cases of multiple abortions

A genetic abnormality is the most prevalent cause of abortion, which causes the body to spontaneously end the pregnancy. Mothers have a higher chance of having a successful pregnancy and taking the baby to term if they use PGT to assess the genetic viability of an embryo ahead of time.

#7 Boost your odds of getting pregnant

Of all aided reproductive technologies, IVF with PGT has the highest success rate. If required, several cycles should be used to maximize the likelihood of fertilization, a stable pregnancy, and live birth for a mother.

#8 The only way to reproduce from donated eggs, sperm, or uterus is to use a third party

When there is an issue with egg development, the doctor will recommend that you use donated eggs. Since the egg and sperm must be fertilized outside the body before being injected into a woman’s uterus, IVF is the only choice in such situations.

#9 A method for preserving women's fertility

People who are engrossed in their work lose track of the passage of time. Their biological clock isn’t cooperating by the time they start thinking about having a child. Women will opt for IVF later in life by freezing their eggs at a young age.

#10 Success rates per cycle

Until IVF, physicians often prescribe several other fertility therapies. IVF is reserved for a small group of partners who will benefit the most or solely from this technique. With this form of assisted reproduction, the per-cycle fecundity is higher.

If you want to hear more about IVF’s advantages to see if you’re a good choice for assisted reproductive technology, arrange a consultation with Dr. Ramya Mishra Shukla.