Best way to Improve The Quality Of Egg For IVF Naturally?

Best Way To Improve The Quality Of Egg For IVF Naturally?

The quality of the egg is a significant contributor to infertility in women. The availability, quality, and the number of these eggs impact the viability of the pregnancy and the quality of the embryos.

 According to the fertility & IVF specialist In Greater Noida, Reduced ovarian reserve causes poor egg quality, which is a typical problem in women over 35. Although it is a significant issue, it is never taken into account until the woman is ready to become pregnant or is having difficulty. When they learn, the majority of women want to attempt a natural cure or home remedy first. Here are some natural methods for enhancing egg quality for IVF and pregnancy.

Here are a few things to know before moving on to how to improve egg quality.

Why does the quality of the eggs matter?

Egg quality is crucial after fertilization with sperm because it helps the embryo develop into a robust being. The likelihood of the embryo implanting in the uterus is higher when using high-quality eggs. Simply put, higher-quality eggs produce higher-quality embryos, which lead to healthy pregnancies. A high-quality, healthy egg should have the necessary number of chromosomes and the capacity to fuse with the sperm. The egg may not be able to survive if it lacks the energy necessary to divide after fertilization.

Evaluation of Egg Quality

Although there is no specific test to determine the quality of eggs, many indicators provide a decent indication of the egg’s health. It contains:

Age: The eggs weaken as a woman ages, which might cause miscarriage or infertility. The quantity and quality of eggs dramatically diminish in the middle the to late 30s.

Hormone levels: An anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) test can be used to assess the number of reserve eggs. High numbers of eggs of low quality are produced by PCOS women.

FSH: A follicle-stimulating hormone that also contains estradiol, FSH can reveal the calibre of eggs. The antral follicle count displays the number of ovaries’ follicles. Each of them has the potential to develop and release eggs that lead to conception.

How Can Egg Quality Be Improved?

Here are some suggestions for enhancing egg quality for IVF or pregnancy.

Increase blood flow: For the ovaries to produce healthy eggs, oxygenated blood is essential. It is crucial to maintain hydration to boost the flow of oxygenated blood to these organs. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water or other liquids per day. Exercise is crucial because it improves circulation throughout the body and boosts blood flow to the heart. Blood flow can also be helped by yoga or massage treatment.

Eat a balanced diet: One strategy to get high-quality eggs is to be in good general health. Research reveals that nutrient-rich diets like fruits, vegetables, and other meals enhance fertility. Make sure your diet is full of nutritious foods, and stay away from processed and sugary meals that are high in saturated fats. Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake because they might have an impact on your fertility. In addition to eating well, it’s a good idea to take vitamins that promote egg production. The quality of eggs is also improved by melatonin, vitamins A and E, and fish oil.

Quit smoking.

Studies have demonstrated that smoking affects fertility and lowers fertility over time. One of the causes is that the chemicals in cigarettes might alter a woman’s eggs’ DNA, rendering them unfit for fertilization, and hasten the ovaries’ loss of eggs.

Keep an appropriate weight.

You are considered overweight if your BMI is between 25 and 29.9 and obese if it is 30 or above. Obesity has been associated with worse egg quality because it causes more oxidative stress and changes in mitochondrial function. Diet and exercise can help you reduce weight, which will improve your chances of getting pregnant and prevent any issues that come with being overweight. 

 Reduce stress

Prolactin and cortisol, two chemicals that stress can create, can have an impact on egg production and quality. Happiness and taking part in important activities, such as spending time with family and friends, can have a significant positive impact on your general health. Meditation, yoga, and spending time with animals such as dogs are some hobbies that help to lower stress. It’s also crucial to prioritize relaxation time, whether that means scheduling lengthy, warm baths, napping, or other forms of recuperation. You may reduce your stress by getting treatments like massage and aromatherapy.

Even while there isn’t a magic bullet to improve egg quality for a successful pregnancy, some dietary and lifestyle modifications can support healthy egg development. To control your fertility journey, follow a nutritious diet and get frequent exercise. If you are seeking a Fertility specialist In Delhi NCR, Consult Dr. Ramya Mishra Shukla today.